Lead Member Organizations- Vice Presidents, SAWDF Chapters


Ms. Manizha Wafeq

Vice-President, SAWDF Chapter, Afghanistan

President, Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Ms.Nasreen F. Awal

Vice-President, SAWDF Chapter, Bangladesh

President,Women Entrepreneurs Association of Bangladesh (WEAB)


Ms. Damchae Dem

Vice-President, SAWDF Chapter, Bhutan

Founder/CEO, Bhutan Association of Women Entrepreneurs (BAOWE)


Ms. Rama Devi K

Vice-President, SAWDF Chapter, India

President,Association for Lady Entrepreneurs of India (ALEAP)


Ms.Sheeza Imad

Vice-President, SAWDF Chapter, Maldives

President, Maldives Women’s Chamber of Commerce (MWCC)


Ms. Shireen Arshad Khan

Vice-President, SAWDF Chapter, Pakistan

President,Handicrafts Association of Pakistan

President, Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Bahawalpur

  Sri Lanka

Ms. Shirley Jayawardena

Vice-President, SAWDF Chapter, Sri Lanka

President, Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries Central Province

Associate Member Organization


Dishary Foundation

Dishari foundation is a non profit organization which was founded by the teengers. We work for the street childrens.


Handicrafts Association of Bhutan

Handicrafts Association of Bhutan (HAB) was established in 2005 and got formally registered as civil society Organization in 2011 under the CSO act of Bhutan 2007 as a pioneer centre for the promotion of vibrant and sustainable Bhutanese handicrafts. Today, it serves as a platform for the promotion of traditional handicrafts and preservation of culture, community and local environments.

HAB strives to create a democratic and empowering space – a common roof under which a range of stakeholders can exchange ideas and collaborate in supporting artisans and craftsmen of all thirteen arts and crafts through policy intervention and strengthening capacity and technical skills to meet the changing market demands. We also work to shift consumer perspectives and raise the cultural value placed on crafts.


Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs in India represent a dynamic group of Women who have broken away from the beaten track where demands at home, family oppositions & cultural inhibitions have led to lack of support, resources and opportunities; are now exploring new vistas of economic participation with an all new vigor. A great many of them have chosen the Entrepreneur World because of a compelling urge to do something positive. They are the pace setters for women in their quest for economic independence.

The Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs (FIWE) which is a National-level Organization brings the businesswomen on a common platform and ensures that their opinions, ideas and visions are collectively and effectively taken up with policy makers and various other agencies respectively for the development of Entrepreneurship amongst Women.

Collectively FIWE endeavors to: Create public awareness towards women’s contribution to the National Economy, Establish pressure groups advocating the cause of women, and Educate & Train young women entrepreneurs for their right initiation into business.

FIWE is working towards National and International Co-operation amongst Women Entrepreneurs with a singular motive: Together Towards a Glorious Future!


Addu Women's Association (AWA)

Addu Women’s Association (AWA) was initiated by one of the founding members, Juwariya Wajdy as an informal Facebook group. Recently, however, in association with Dr Mariyam Shakeela AWA has accelerated its efforts with new energy and new vision, and as a formal non-profit organisation, it aims to create a platform for Addu women to attain empowerment in all spheres of their life. Through its efforts AWA will address the need to empower women of Addu and facilitate opportunities for their growth.

As founder members; Dr Shakeela and Juwariya Wajdy will continue to play a vital role in decision making offering necessary support and assistance to the Executive Members and be responsible for the smooth functioning of AWA to achieve its objectives.


Handicrafts Association of Pakistan

In Pakistan, Handicrafts are rich and diverse. Every city has its own handicrafts specialty ranging from fabric, material, embroidery, to jewelry, carving, mirror work and other handicraft items. Each color, style, design and motif carries with it a unique symbol portraying the culture of that particular area and builds on people’s indigenous skills. Handicrafts of Pakistan are famous for their uniqueness, assortment and quality standards and therefore have established a mark within and outside the country. Unfortunately, with the passage of time the quality of craftsmanship has diminished. The value chain has been infringed and the traditional sense of handicrafts has disappeared. Hence, this sector is in dire need of development and promotion in order to revive the culture and art of the Pakistani heritage, since the promotion of handicrafts address several needs of the society in terms of preserving culture, acting as a source of income and upgrading the social status of women belonging to the marginalized sector with the lack of access to skills and opportunities necessary for their development.

All Pakistan Women’s Association (APWA)

APWA was established in 1949 and was very much the brainchild of Begum Ra’ana Liaquat Ali Khan, who recognized the need for a national association to oversee, consolidate and coordinate women’s activities for their greater good.