Upcoming International Women
Entrepreneurs Summit 2019

Since the past five years, South Asian Women Development Forum has been organizing International Conferences, playing the role of a catalyst for policy advocacy on gender neutral policy for promoting women entrepreneurship, initiatives on innovative projects, transfer of technology and skills, collaborations and partnerships.

This year the International Women Entrepreneurs Summit- 2019 is scheduled for September in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The International  Conference will create impact by gathering the most relevant stakeholders and leaders from the US, UK, Europe, SAARC, ASEAN, Africa and  MENA regions  representing governments, , private sectors, international organizations, academia, media, civil society, young women and men – to strengthen cooperation and identify best ways to drive positive change toward gender equality and women’s empowerment. The conference will focus on women’s roles as change-makers and leaders in the region and explore how women and men can overcome cultural and social barriers for driving forward the agenda for women’s empowerment and the achievement of the SDGs.


Objectives of the Summit:

  1. To re-galvanize, strengthen and empower the economic issues of women by establishing an international annual platform for promoting, engaging and supporting female entrepreneurs globally.
  2. To discuss and share areas of common issues for women economic empowerment through the participation of high-level experts, policy makers and business leaders.
  3. To be an international hub for networking and connecting women SMEs to explore significant opportunities in cooperation and joint investments with potential counterparts through regional and international collaborations.
  4. To celebrate, learn and develop leadership skills from iconic women entrepreneurs.
  5. To enhance new skills and technology for innovative startups with exposure to new market and new ideas
  6. To motivate and influence young entrepreneurs through sharing of successful stories.
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