ASEAN Business and Investment Summit 2017 ABIS 2017

ASEAN Business and Investment Summit 2017 ABIS 2017

SEAN Business and Investment Summit 2017 (ABIS 2017)

​The ASEAN Business and Investment Summit 2017 (ABIS 2017) was three-day conference that presented the premiere annual business event of the ASEAN Business Advisory Council that brought attention to the business, investment opportunities, issues, and directions in the ASEAN today. It was organized to serve as a platform for conversations among regional and global stakeholders in the ASEAN Economic Community. These stakeholders were business leaders, public personalities, entrepreneurs, and entities considered as thought-leaders in their respective fields.

Around 1,700 top level executives representing diverse sectors, distinguished thought leaders, champions and leaders from the government, business, academic and research entities from the region, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurship mentors and enablers.

The few speakers from the summit were global leaders such as PM Narendra Modi, India, Presidents of the Philippines and South Korea, Prime Minister of Russia and leader of Myanmar Aung San Su Kyi, gave an inspiring speech on women empowerment and human capital.

SAWDF team met the Vice President of Philippines, Ms. Leni Robredo. They also met senior gender specialist of Ms. Sonomi Tanaka, ADB and Ms. Cai Cai, UNESCAP. During the meeting, they got the opportunity to discuss about the “International Women Entrepreneurs Trade Center” conceptualized project of SAWDF in collaboration with SAWDF Chapter, India.

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